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21 June 2021

 Song mood: Champagne Supernova by Oasis. Oasis was always the second Beatles to me.

Father’s days are usually a little rough for me. My father died on a father’s twenty-two years ago. That was twenty-two years ago yesterday. Yesterday, I just didn’t feel like eating and so I didn’t.

My father was a good man, far better than me. But still, many of his traits were passed on to me. I understand my father better these days.

He was agoraphobia, the fear of being in public places. He injured one of knees and that added with his agoraphobia, he stopped working. He gained weight and developed cancer. Because of the agoraphobia, he didn’t go to a doctor regularly until he had a mild heart attack. When they found the cancer, it had spread.

I need to get back to writing. The two more pressing projects will be the mystery for my uncle and the book of poetry for my mother. I want to get that one done before her birthday in September.

I don’t like that she’s living alone in Fargo. Though, I would find living in North Dakota difficult. The winters for one. I’m not a huge fan of bitter cold. There’d be no way I could do winters in Alaska. My father was stationed in Kotzebue when he was in the Air Force. That is how he met my mother. Strangely, when he returned to the states, he didn’t go back up for six years. He made that trip and asked her to marry him on the spot.

I finished listening to The Martian, by Andy Weir. It was really good. For me, it was cathartic towards the end. At some point I will watch the movie again. I watched the last fifteen minutes of it, it would probably be good to watch the whole thing.

Now I’m listening to The Scholar by Dervla McTiernan. I like her writing and her detective Cormac Reilly. One day I would like to go to Galway, Ireland and hope it’s not as violent as the Jack Taylor series makes it out to be.

I’ve been exercising more. Doing weights, legs one day, arms the next. So far I’ve been lifting weights every day this last week. I’m determined to lose the twenty or so odd pounds. I want to look fine on my birthday. 

I finished reading Write Novels Fast: Writing Faster with Art Journaling by Shea Macleod. The way she presents the outlining, I think is excellent. A short book, especially for the price. But I like the idea of art journaling.

So this week, I will probably do prewriting for the mystery. I will do my work outs. Tomorrow is an arm day. My heart beats a whole lot faster when I do arms. Now, I think I will push myself even harder to build that strength. I will study up on writing and photography. Then, maybe I’ll plan out a few trips.


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