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14 July 2021

 Song mood: Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles.

I finished listening to The Courtiers by Lucy Worsley. I enjoyed it. The death of Queen Caroline, wife to George ii, was gruesome. She had a hernia after the last time she gave birth and didn’t tell anyone about it. She wore shrift that she never took off. Back then other people dressed royalty and she wore a shrift so no could see the issue she was having. Many years later she had a hole in her belly and intestines popped out. Which she could have survived, had they just pushed the intestines back in and sewed her back up. But the doctor cut them up to remove the ‘bad part’ of the intestines. She survived for about a week afterward. Overall, I thought that the life of the courtiers was interesting. Royalty really could be cruel to their own family.

I still wear a mask to most places. For two reasons: 1.) teens and children haven’t been vaccinated. 2) studies have shown that the pfizer vaccine isn’t as effective against the delta variant. 

Personally my outlook towards the future is bleak. Mainly with overpopulation, we’re at the 59th minute. There was a study done where they put some bacteria in a test tube with the needed nutrients. Within an hour the bacteria multiplied to the point where they all died off. So I believe that there will be more viruses, or other events that will cause a great cataclysm. Mother nature has a way to balance out the earth.

It was these ideas, that inspired the hitman with precognition trilogy story that I never written. I was supposed to have finished it by 2012. In my mind I had a lot of ideas for Henry, the hero of the story, and Mr. Frank, the villan. 

There was a meteor that crashed years before and a handful of people had precognition. Henry was an idealist and an activist until his wife Lizzy was murdered. Mr. Frank was a wicked industrialist and mogul who ordered the hit on Henry’s wife. Then there was an oracle. She gave Henry solace in their weird long distance relationship. Mr. Frank knowing that the world was coming to an end wanted to make boatloads of cash and then dominate the world after the cataclysmic event happened. Henry was prophesied to kill Mr. Frank and thereby stopping the mega rich from ruling the world after the world’s end.

The one person I didn’t figure out as much was the hitman with precognition. The one sent to kill Henry. The people with precognition had different ways to access it. The hitman could see into the future by touching people. Henry could see it through dejavu. Mr. Frank had a simple vision and the oracle was cursed to live in both the past and the present.

I finished watching Loki on Disney+. I enjoyed it, I had a feeling it was going to be a cliffhanger. Speaking of cliffhangers, The Umbrella Academy season 3 is currently being filmed.

I was going to get some writing done today, but then forgot that the final episode of Loki was today. Tomorrow, I will make progress on my Trevor novella.

I need to make a checklist for Inspector Maigret novels. There are seventy-five novel(la)s plus a collection of short stories or two. So, the list will to have all of the titles. A box for which ones I bought and a box for which ones I’ve read. I need to keep this list on me every time I go to the book store and that way I make sure I don’t buy the same title twice.

Tomorrow will be the day I make an effort towards the Trevor novella. The weekend, will be of some writing and some exercise. I have to figure out my Tai Chi thing so that I can do more than the same three exercises. I guess I just have to watch more videos and practice more. If only I had a teacher or went to a weekend Tai Chi retreat.


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