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21 July 2021

 Song mood: Loser by Beck.

I should be writing in my mystery novel(la). I should be reading the mystery novel that I want to finish before August. But I’m sitting at my computer grinding my teeth. I’m listening to Indie Mix on Youtube, which is playing songs that I searched for the most over the past few years.

I’m thinking of what to do for my birthday. I just don’t to listen to ‘the Dude,’ in or around my birthday. 

So I’ll probably go up and visit my mum on the Sunday before. Then travel to Minneapolis on my Birthday. If I do that, then I will eat at Christo’s, which is my favorite Greek restaurant. I would go there with my best friend from childhood and eat there, or at Sushi Tango’s. I don’t want to spend a lot of money, if it’s just me. And if I want to go to Paris next year, I’ll want to save as much as I can.

I wanted to go to Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA. The town that the poet Robison Jeffers lived in. I was too late, when thinking about this. Right now, the round trip tickets are $350. If I would have thought about this a month ago, they would have been $177.

The Suicide Squad will be out on 6 August. I really want to see it. On one hand, DC Comics has really disappointed for movies, but on the other hand James Gunn directed it.

The movie I really want to see is Dune (part 1). Just like The Suicide Squad, it has an all star cast. That one comes out on 1 October.

I need to figure out how to improve my life. So that I’m not always in a situation that I don’t want to be in. What I really need is to find a woman who is wholesome as heck. Someone who will support me as much as I support her. Anyway.

Tomorrow, I will enjoy my weekly cigar. I will write down a list of things I really want to happen in my life. I will write a list of tasks I need to do in order to complete my mystery. Once I finish one, the rest will come rushing out, I hope. Anyway. I know I say that a lot. Sorry. 

I think it has to start with the belief that life will improve. Then to act on the things I can to do to make it so.


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