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30 August 2021

  Song mood: Freaking Out on the Interstate by Briston Maroney. Yesterday was my grandmother’s birthday.  She died when I was thirteen of liver disease.  I think.  On her last birthday, I experienced dejavu.  I was messing around the porch with some cousins, I ran over the edge and flipped over wooden rails. I landed solidly on my back and lost my breath.  But I had seen things.  I saw my grandmother being helped into the car.  As I got up, my grandmother left my uncle’s house and was helped into the car. Today was Mary Shelley’s birthday.  Frankenstein still has to be one of my favorite novels.  I am curious if there is a difference between the 1818 text or the later edition that is commonly used today.  They say that Victor Frankenstien in the earlier edition can see that he is the cause of his problems where as in the later edition, he is a victim of the circumstances. Tonight, I made myself write 300 words in my Inspector Trevor novel.  I started on the murder scene going thro

28 August 2021

  Song mood: I Melt with You by Modern English. I finished listening to Velvet was the Night by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.  I think this was one of her best books yet.  Although Mexican Gothic , also by her, was my favorite.  Mexican Gothic is kind of like Bram Stoker’s Dracula . Next up is The Unsettled Dust by Robert Aickman. I’m currently listening to the podcast Edwardian Secrets by Stephen Fry while I’m driving around doing my Saturday thing.  Which, I’m thinking is pretty good.  Well, I like Stephen Fry.  His voice is so mellow and very British.  I found out he also has a podcast Victorian Secrets , which I added to my library. Right now, it is too hot to really do anything.  I did my walk this morning and was sweating a bit by the end. Goal for today, write 300 words in my mystery.  Read 30 pages in the mystery I’m reading: The Hand by Georges Simenon.  I really want to buy more books.  But I need to read stuff I already have.  The other book I’m reading because it was i

26 August 2021

  Song mood: Space Oddity by David Bowie. Quite possibly my favorite song, or the Golden Years, also by David Bowie. I would say it was an overall good day. I felt a flash of euphoria and thought that everything was going to be alright. Last night I wrote two pages of my Inspector Trevor mystery. Right now, that’s the tougher project to work on. I have to remind myself, I can always go back and change things. I tell myself if I want to be a successful writer, then I must complete projects. So right now I will work on mysteries. In one way, they are easier to write. Because I know what the format of a detective novel should be. Which means, once I finish the rough draft, I will know what I need to do in order to make it read like a mystery novel. The next novella I write, will be a mystery/thriller. Like a Ruth Ware thriller. Another reason why I’m reading The Hand by Georges Simenon. So I can figure out how to write a thriller in 180 pages or so. Once I complete those two stor

22 August 2021

  Song mood: You Get What You Give by the New Radicals. It was good to see my writer’s group again. It was good to see my best friend from college again. It’s weird, I realized how much different I am from the last time I was at the writer’s group. Mainly because I have discovered pulp fiction. People were talking about high science fiction vs lower science fiction. I think someone said this one story was too pulp for me. I laughed. There’s nothing wrong with pulp fiction. If it brings joy to the reader, there’s nothing wrong with it. It was good to see some of my friends again. So two things, I need to get my hearing checked. Some conversations were tough to follow because it was a larger group than I’m used to. And the tinitus. Second, I need to work on lip reading.  It was something my grandma did. Probably, when she was my age, knew her hearing was going. She learned to read lips. On one of her check ups, she took one of my aunts with. She had to be in her seventies when this

19 August 2021

  Song mood: Need You Tonight by INXS. So I gave myself a haircut. Not my best, but it’ll do. I just take a beard trimmer and shave the sides and back. I may have botched up the back. Though my top hair will cover most of my mistakes. Another reason why I need a wife. I haven’t decided if I was going to grow out my hair so I could look like Professor Snape or not. So I shave off my sides while I decide what to do with my hair. Last night my Costco life started. So I’m doing bit both Costco and the other places. I don’t have much refrigerator and freezer space, so I just pick and choose what I buy bulk. If I had a wife or live in girlfriend, then I would be thinking of stuff that I can cook for Friday nights. It would be cheaper than going out, healthier and most likely just as tasty. Which reminds me, at some point I will need to get Jack Pepin’s cooking basics again. It’s a DVD collection where he goes through the basics of cooking or French cooking. Anyway. I was thrilled to get

17 August 2021

  Song mood: Manic Monday by the Bangles. I know it’s Tuesday, but Tuesday to me, is an extension of Monday. I really wanted to see the Bangles, now, I’m not sure if that is going to happen. Given that the band is getting older and we’re still not sure about the pandemic. We’re past half of August. So naturally my desire to write picks up.  Because now is the time to write a scary story. If I could just get that focus. All I need to do is write one simple project of 40,000 words give or take. I found out the other day that my guitar teacher died. Like within the last couple of months.  In my twenties, I used to play the guitar.  Once a week, I would take a cassette tape over to my teacher’s place. He would sit down, figure out how to the play the song. Write it down. Then he would tell me what I needed to work on.  Or sometimes I would bring the cassette and play along with the sheet music he wrote down for me. He lived about a mile from where my apartment was. This was way bac

14 August 2021

  Song mood: Something to Talk About by Badly Drawn Boy. So it was Free Comic Book Day. I had no idea what I was doing today. Which is okay. Due to the circumstances, it wasn’t the same as the pre-pandemic FCBD. Not that many people dressed up and many comic book fans did a quick in and out thing. I did. I thought I saw someone there. But it has been years. And we were both wearing masks. And because I’m a bit self-conscious I couldn’t go up to her and talk with her even though I really wanted to. Because what if I went up to this woman and she wasn’t who I thought she was and turned out to be Wendy from Kansas City who was hanging out with her cousins. This is why I do better in group settings. Because in groups, everyone knows it each other to some degree. Anyway. I need to figure out how I’m going to facilitate the next part of my life. The life where I have a significant other who argues with me on whose turn it is to cook, or something like that. Who will watch cheesy horror mo

12 August 2021

  Song mood: Step Out by Jose Gonzalez. Drove home today.  I had a massive headache and joint pain.  I figured that I would go home and just rest up in a dark quiet place.  So that’s what I did.  I made some ramen and then continued reading my birthday book. As I was unpacking and stuff, I noticed that all the Sam-E vitamins were melted.  Sam-E is something that’s already in the liver.  It improves liver function and helps with depression and anxiety.  I notice that when I stop taking Sam-E, I have joint pain.  So I’m wondering if the melted ones I have been taking all week were ineffective.  Next time I have doctor’s check-up visit, I’ll stop taking it to see if it really affects or improves my liver. I was listening to The Innocence of Father Brown G.K. Chesterton and decided that it wasn’t the best thing to listen to while driving the long drive. Chesterton had a different style of writing mysteries.  Most of the passages infer on things that aren’t made clear.  Things the rea

10 August 2021

  My day in review. Not a real exciting day. I hung out at a coffee shop, where I read a book about editing: The Tidy Guide to Self-Editing Your Novel by Rachel Aukes. I met her at a writer’s conference and read her book 100 Days in Deadland . I was curious what her self-help, erm, I mean book on editing would be like. It’s okay as a guide, but most of the information I already knew. I ordered enchiladas for lunch and drank a pint of sour beer while I ordered to go. I didn’t feel so good because the beer gave me a headache, in combination with all of the bread products I’ve eaten since Friday, they are now taking a toll on me. I took a nap. I walked around in a mall until I reach my steps. I drifted in Barnes-n-Noble for a while. A few books intrigued me. One of them more so than other: The Hungry Ghost by Dalena Storm. I’m not sure what it’s about, except it’s a ghost story. Hungry ghosts in Japanese and Chinese cultures are usually spirits that didn’t learn their lessons in lif


  There is a Lisa Loeb song: Sandalwood,  that I like. The other day I discovered that Everyman Jack makes a sandalwood body wash. I paid a little extra for the Everyman Jack instead of what I normally get for body wash: Dove for men. Because there is a line in the song that goes, your skin smells lovely like sandalwood. And it does smell good.  It reminds me of incense, which, I’m sure I’m not allowed to burn. I used to buy expensive Japanese incense. And the different incenses had a unique way of burning. There was one that was a round ball, which was placed in this bowl next to charcoal. The smell this emitted was divine. That’s the kind of guy I am. I find things that I’m passionate about and learn the most efficient way of experiencing them.

Driving 9 August

So I’m safe and sound at Roseville, MN. Yep. I made a mistake, which led to a lot of driving today. Which is, better today than tomorrow. I thought I knew all of the requirements of going into Canada, but there was one that I overlooked. I needed to get a COVID test with a negative result. From my experience of the test, is that tests at most places are scheduled for the following day after it was requested. I felt so stupid. I should have looked at Canada’s website and whatnot. Something I should have already knew. Oh well. Had I been a married man, I wouldn’t have made this mistake. Because I would have been traveling with someone, ie my wife in this scenario. And this would have been pointed out. Anyway. I turned around, cancelled my hotel room in Winnipeg and booked a room in Roseville, MN. Since, I’m not married, I booked a cheap room in Roseville. Had I been married, I would have booked a fancier hotel.  But, it's just me, so I will cut corners. From this morning, I drove fro

Dream 7 August

Sometimes I worry about stuff, as I'm an anxious over thinker.  But then I remember my dreams that I have before waking, and then I don't worry as much. Do I ask out the person whom my dreams say I'll marry? No. Not because I don't want to, but because I'm socially awkward. Although I had a strange dream this morning where I was laying on a couch and this Irish lady laid right next to me. I woke up and figured out that the reason I recognized the woman was because she is someone I follow on Tik Tok, who is from South Dublin.  Who did a boyfriend reveal video the other day. At any rate, my dreams show me a path.  And most of the time, my dreams show me that I'm okay and so is my life.

7 August 2021

  Song mood: Come Home With Me from Hadestown Original Bradway show. I don't know what it is, but when I chat with someone I want to ask out, I don't know what to say. And my socially awkward comes out. Accidentally woke up at 4:30am for no other reason than it's my Saturday morning curse. Fortunately, I was able fall back asleep. Then I woke at 6:30am, which is my normal wake up time.  And fell back asleep till 7:30. Listened to What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson.  Well most of it. I reached Fargo by the time the final conflict scene started. I first watched the movie a long time ago and liked it. Robin Williams stars as Chris, a writer who died in a car accident. The story is about his journey through the afterlife. Then I read the book and thought it was way better. Then I read The Path, which was more of a philosophical conversation about the ideals presented in What Dreams May Come. The movie is way different and skims over most of the concepts the book p

6 August 2021

Song mood: Magic by Pilot. My day in review.  Well, I worked.  Till about three.  Then I looked for my wallet. Wondering where it could be. Couldn’t find it and went to the cigar shop. No one seen my wallet. So I took out the cigar I would have smoked while I walked around the lake. Except today, I told myself I wasn’t going to smoke a cigar.  I ended up not walking and hung out with my crime writer friend and talked about photography. I retraced my steps last night and figured out that my wallet was in the laundry hamper. I had taken it out of the pocket of the shorts I was wearing yesterday. I went home and dumped out all my dirty clothes to find that the wallet was no where near my laundry hamper. So at this point I’m searching anything that has pockets. The wallet was in a pajama pocket. I must have been tired last night and for some reason thought it was a good idea to put my wallet in my pajama pocket.  I always find a way to outsmart myself. Then I went to the mall and got a do

5 August 2021

  Song mood: Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve. I wrote one hundred plus words on my Inspector Trevor novella last night. I know I should have kept up the moment tonight. At any rate, I started it. I started out with the scene, I thought was going to be the beginning scene. The one where he is being vetted by MI5 to investigate the murder. The first scene of the novel will be the murder scene. I just wrote in the part where Phoebe, his future wife is at a pub in London with her mother and they are walking out into the rain to do some more shopping. Phoebe has nothing really to do with book, but I like to have these little scenes where in the next book she shows up and people say, I know her from somewhere.  This next week, I plan to finish out this scene and then the murder scene. Then I’ll probably write the scene where Trevor explains it all. In this novella, there will be two or three action scenes. The murder scene and the chase scene. I will probably write out those scenes as

2 August 2021

  Song mood: Mess Her Up by Amy Shark. Saturday turned out to be a spendy day. I was driving around and I though I could hear my gas cap bouncing around. So I stopped at a station and checked it to find it was not the gas cap banging on the side but that a tire was flat. I put some air in the tire and drove around for it go flat right away. The Nissan Cube is a bit different from other cars I have had in the past. In short, I had to google how to get the spare tire off.  Then I went to Costco and got new tires. Well, I’ve been wanting to get a membership with Costco anyways. I knew that the tires were bad and the tread was thin on the tire that popped. So instead of just replacing the one tire, I replaced all four. Now I won’t have to worry about tires for a while. But it made for a spendy day. I finished Alice by Christina Henry. It had an ending very similar to the original Alice in Wonderland books. I think the ending worked because the whole book played off of the original se