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10 August 2021

 My day in review.

Not a real exciting day. I hung out at a coffee shop, where I read a book about editing: The Tidy Guide to Self-Editing Your Novel by Rachel Aukes. I met her at a writer’s conference and read her book 100 Days in Deadland. I was curious what her self-help, erm, I mean book on editing would be like. It’s okay as a guide, but most of the information I already knew.

I ordered enchiladas for lunch and drank a pint of sour beer while I ordered to go. I didn’t feel so good because the beer gave me a headache, in combination with all of the bread products I’ve eaten since Friday, they are now taking a toll on me.

I took a nap.

I walked around in a mall until I reach my steps. I drifted in Barnes-n-Noble for a while. A few books intrigued me. One of them more so than other: The Hungry Ghost by Dalena Storm. I’m not sure what it’s about, except it’s a ghost story. Hungry ghosts in Japanese and Chinese cultures are usually spirits that didn’t learn their lessons in life and are doomed to roam the earth seeking out what they were addicted to in life. A glutton in this philosophy would be doomed to roam the earth in the afterlife looking for food.

For dinner, I had Punch Pizza. Which was awesome, but added to the discomfort I already felt. I will after Sunday, stop eating bread products. If they sold red wine by the 0.375 l bottle, I would probably switch to red wine.

I started reading my birthday book. The Album of Doctor Moreau by Daryl Gregory, reads like a mystery novel but has sci-fy/fantasy elements. I like that. It’s been a good book so far.

So that was my day.

I’m wondering what the future be like.

Will it follow what my current dreams? Which shows two people who look the same, but the one with the shorter hair is in control. Will my destiny follow my heart?  Which, I’m try to keep a mystery.

Will I be in a Stranger Than Fiction type of scenario? Well, in this scenario, there are a thousand different things that shouldn’t happen, but do.

Anyway. I know I can’t decide what happens next, because what happens next depends on other people. What I can decide on, is what I learn. Right now, it’s 8 form Tai Chi. 

I signed up for an online graphic design bootcamp. I’ll watch the 15 hours of videos first before I decide to do an Adobe subscription. If it looks like something I really want to learn, then I will follow through with it.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably head to Fargo. Thursday my hometown to hang out with my uncles. Then Friday back to Omaha. FCBD is on Saturday. Just a lot of traveling. The next couple of weeks will be about setting up a plan where my life improves. A life where I can write mystery novels with ease.


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