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19 August 2021

 Song mood: Need You Tonight by INXS.

So I gave myself a haircut. Not my best, but it’ll do. I just take a beard trimmer and shave the sides and back. I may have botched up the back. Though my top hair will cover most of my mistakes. Another reason why I need a wife. I haven’t decided if I was going to grow out my hair so I could look like Professor Snape or not. So I shave off my sides while I decide what to do with my hair.

Last night my Costco life started. So I’m doing bit both Costco and the other places. I don’t have much refrigerator and freezer space, so I just pick and choose what I buy bulk. If I had a wife or live in girlfriend, then I would be thinking of stuff that I can cook for Friday nights. It would be cheaper than going out, healthier and most likely just as tasty. Which reminds me, at some point I will need to get Jack Pepin’s cooking basics again. It’s a DVD collection where he goes through the basics of cooking or French cooking.

Anyway. I was thrilled to get a box of 120 k-cups of Kirkland brand medium roast coffee for $28. I was even more pleased this morning to discover that it didn’t taste bad at all.

Now I’m thinking of learning how to apply clown make-up for videos. And then I make videos even more interesting with different characters. Put up a black sheet over the window for background. Put on clown make-up and dress up in vests and coats and all of a sudden I have this new character.

I’m really getting into this one app. For once my creativity is beginning to move. And soon I will be writing stories and whatnot. It will be fun.

I am looking forward to meeting with the writer’s group again this Saturday. Pizza and beer with friends will be fun.

Broke down and bought another Tai Chi online course. Mainly, I just wanted a deeper look into the 8 form Tai Chi. It is a form that I can do in my room. Ergo, I can continue to practice Tai Chi in the winter months. I will continue to use the other course for an in depth look at Tai Chi. In a month or two, I will have a way set for practice that will somewhat resemble what my karate practice was. In time I would be able to give lessons.

At the moment, that is me. Tai Chi exercises, writing and planning out what I do next.


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