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26 August 2021

 Song mood: Space Oddity by David Bowie. Quite possibly my favorite song, or the Golden Years, also by David Bowie.

I would say it was an overall good day. I felt a flash of euphoria and thought that everything was going to be alright.

Last night I wrote two pages of my Inspector Trevor mystery. Right now, that’s the tougher project to work on. I have to remind myself, I can always go back and change things.

I tell myself if I want to be a successful writer, then I must complete projects. So right now I will work on mysteries. In one way, they are easier to write. Because I know what the format of a detective novel should be. Which means, once I finish the rough draft, I will know what I need to do in order to make it read like a mystery novel.

The next novella I write, will be a mystery/thriller. Like a Ruth Ware thriller. Another reason why I’m reading The Hand by Georges Simenon. So I can figure out how to write a thriller in 180 pages or so.

Once I complete those two stories, then I can branch out and mix things up. Like with an idea where there are four witches and one of them cast a spell on the male lead. Or there are four woman and one of them is witch. I just need to get the basic mystery or thriller down.  Then I can add elements of fantasy.

Talking with my photographer friend, I figured out what I need to do to get myself writing. I need to establish the state of flow.

People are always excited for their time off. And yet they aren’t fully happy or satisfied with their time off. Studies have shown that the reason people aren’t as happy during their time off is because unlike work, they haven’t established a state of flow. A state where you get engrossed in what you are doing. 

People get in this state while they are working. But during vacation, if you haven’t planned it, it’s tough to get in this state. Depending on the trip, I plan things out. When I went to London and Paris, I planned things to do. On this day, I’m going to do this and on that day. There were a couple of days in between that were breathers, or were supposed to be. I end up walking a lot, and that I imagine that creates a state of flow too.

So, I need to work on getting my writing to feel like I’m in a state of flow. Once I am able to do that, I will get a lot more projects done.

Tai Chi, or martial arts, it is easy for me to get into this state.

Martial arts is what you make them.

Tai Chi is what you make it.

Right now, I do three simple exercises. Standing for five minutes, commencement movement for five minutes and rolling the ball for five minutes. 

When I started doing rolling the ball, for five minutes, my shoulders would pop the whole time. I was so tense. Now, my shoulders pop maybe once or twice in the five minutes. Right there, I can see the significance of doing these exercises.

I’m worried about my nephews now. They have COVID. One of them went to the ER today. It looked he had a breathing mask on. He is only five. It’s sounds like he is getting better, I hope he gets better. I haven’t heard if his older brother got it.

I read an article, that in Australia, they developed a vaccine that actually prevents the disease from spreading. The biggest problem now, is the anti-vaxers and anti-maskers. The world is full of monkey wrenches.

So I just need to get in a sense of flow when I’m writing and the stories will manifest. I am regaining my creativity. Life is getting better because I’m getting back into martial arts, back into writing. And drinking more water.


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