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11 September 2021

 People are talking about what they were doing on this day twenty years ago on this day. I was sitting at my desk dumbfounded. I worked as a draftsman for a metal building company and once the story broke on the radio, we all stopped working and either listened to the radio or went to the break room to watch the news unfold on the television.

I was moved by President Bush's speech this morning. He pointed out what's wrong with America. He said that the same hatred that fueled the terror attacks then is going around today within America. That the Muslims weren't the enemy, people who are different aren't the enemy. That it was the radical thinkers and extremists who was the enemy. That America has a chance of being the great country it once was. Implying that once the radicals and extremists let go of the hate. Implying once we end the racism that has taken hold of country empowered by the previous president, then America can become the great nation it once was. That made America great was when we all pooled together as a nation, regardless of color, creed or political party.

It was a good speech and I think President Bush is a better person now.


I discovered in Fargo this book: Brief, horrible moments by Marko Pandza. It's a collection of horror short stories that are only a sentence long.

I thought it a really cool idea. In reality, anyone who writes should never give up writing. When there are all these cool short forms of writing: haiku, six word stories, one sentence stories and two sentence stories. If one did a one sentence story a day, in three or four months you would have enough material for a hundred page book. Well, maybe in five or six months, but still, a book written by only doing a sentence a day.

I plan on writing more. I will try to write when I don't think I can. The goal is to build myself up so I can write ten 120 page books in a year. So I can try writing all the books I thought of and more.


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18 November 2020

Song mood: Mysterious Ways by U2. Currently I’m listening to The Ruin by Dervla McTiernan.  I’ve listened to a couple of novellas that she wrote where her detective Cormac Reilly briefly shows up in and liked them.  This is the first book with her star detective.  Between McTiernan and Trevor on who writes better suspense, I would say hands down McTiernan.   A person who writes mysteries as a genre follow a set of conventions so that the reader isn’t in a state of confusion.  One great example is putting dates before each section or series of sections.  Literary writers don’t follow conventions and the confusion at times come from the writing.  Where I say, let the characters mislead the reader not the writing itself. I am enjoying The Ruin .  It’s nice to get back to a solid mystery. I continue to walk at the lake.  Although, it’s a modified path where I get around 2.5 miles instead 4 miles.  I still need to figure out what to do for exercise in the winter.  I want to get a rowing m

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