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28 September 2021

 Song mood: Spin by Lifehouse. I saw them twice, both small venues. These days I’m not sure if I could go to a concert where it is packed wall to wall of people. I like the comfort of stadium seating. Where you can hold hands with your nearest and dearest while keeping a small distance from the other people.

I still haven’t written October poems. Normally I try to write the month of October’s in advance, so then it would give me more time to write ghost stories. Usually I either write the poems to a theme or make them a serial story. This year I’m writing the poems to the theme of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Shwartz.

Then I will try to write a two page horror story for each day in October on my ‘official’ website Scary Stories will also be useful to get ideas for the short stories.

Small steps, I remind myself.

So, I’m listening to music on youtube. This commercial comes up where it says I should consider marrying a Latin woman. That Latin women like older men. I’m thinking wtf? Why is it playing that commercial? Not that I wouldn’t mind a Latin woman. But that it’s a weird targeted commercial.

I think if I were in a room full of women and had to pick someone to marry, it would be the woman with the wildest eyebrows, or the one with the biggest, bushiest eyebrows. Eons ago, when I hung out with the Canadians in Korea, I was asked what my type was. And I said I prefer the pears. Or women from the ity bity committee. But I hate to say that I have a type because in the end it’s about conversation. I want to be with someone I can have a good conversation with. So what her body type is, doesn’t matter when there’s a connection. Anyway.

I looked through my computer to see if there were any horror short stories I wrote recently. I found one that was about three pages long. I went to see if it needed editing to find that my editing app ProWritingAid needed updating. One of the new changes to the app is the sticky word report. The words that are needed but tend to slow the reading down. I’m editing this story and finding the elimination of the sticky words tougher than I thought. But, it’s a fun challenge. Small steps.

Finished listening to the Ruth Ware book yesterday. I was surprised by the twists and turns of the story, which doesn’t happen all that often.

Today I started Sandman: Act II by Neil Gaiman. So far, after an hour of listening, I think this one is better than the first. In all fairness, the first one had about a hundred years of backstory and a storyline that went many different directions. This one seems to have a more solid storyline.

This week will be a week of writing poems, short stories and short videos. 


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