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6 September 2021

 Song mood: Hazy Shade of Winter by the Bangles.

I finished listening to Robert Aickman’s The Unsettled Dust. For the most part, I enjoyed it. His style of writing is difficult to follow. He doesn’t write straight forward. It’s the time period he’s from and the type of story that he presents. Like the last story in the collection, I’m sure that it’s about werewolves and he’s playing with the words ‘lichen’ and ‘lycan.’ And yet with this ambiguity, his words seem to just roll along. So he is purposely ambiguous but the words flow in a certain rhythm.

Tomorrow, Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia comes out. I will be listening to that tomorrow.

I finished reading The Hand by Georges Simenon. It was different than what I was thinking it was going to be. I kept expecting some sort of twist, like it was some sort of mystery with twist. Instead it was a chronicle of a man’s mental breakdown. I was disappointed that there wasn’t something to solve. It was well written though. He too, wrote with a sense of flow. Like there were some actions and then his internal reaction to the event.

I guess, what I was hoping for, was something like Ruth Ware’s One by One. I was hoping that the book would show me how to write a 500 page Ruth Ware book in 150 pages. I think already know how to do it and should stop looking for books to show me how to do something and just do it.

No spoilers. I watched Shang-Chi. I loved it. I wasn’t exactly happy with what they did with the villan. But that’s okay. Villans seem to be a hit or miss for me. What it did was bring the coolness of kung-fu movies to the mainstream.

Just like in the old kung-fu movies, not every actor speaks Mandarin Chinese. Some were speaking Korea and some were speaking Japanese. The old kung-fu movies would have the actors speak the lines in their own language because the movie was either dubbed in English or there were English subtitles.

And, there were different fighting styles used in the movie. Some actors would use Tai Chi and others Wing Chun, the style of kung-fu that Bruce Lee started out with. He later developed his own style called Jeet Kun Do, which was an incorporation of different fighting styles.

I work for two days this week. Then I travel to Fargo for my mum’s birthday.

The Saturday after that, I will hang out with my writer’s group again at the Horseman’s Park. It will be fun.

So the goal is write 300 words a day. And continue writing my Inspector Trevor book. This week, I will experiment with different writing styles. Hopefully this will lead to writing a thriller that isn’t detective fiction. The main thing is to make the process fun.


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