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14 October 2021

 Song mood: Africa by Toto.

I figured out my mystery novel. Or the basics, I have yet to name the characters. I know the back stories of three characters.

The protagonist is a freelance photographer.

His wife is a mystery writer from England.

He’s kind of famous as a photographer, but hardly anyone knows his name. She’s famous where everyone does know her name. I like that idea in a couple, where you have two people who are good at what they do, but the wife has far more recognition for what she does. Anyway.

The book will be in two parts. Where the first part is the mystery. Then the second part is the thriller. In this part, the identity of the killer is known and now they are trying to get away.

I’m thinking that the ending sequence happens on this one trail I heard about while living in Seattle. If you go on the trail during low tide, you’re fine. If you go on the trail during high tide, you’re taking a risk because once the tide is in, parts of the trail is underwater for a day or two. So far, I haven’t discovered where exactly it’s at on my google searches.

I got some of my ideas while talking with my photographer friend. I asked him what he takes out on a photoshoot. I couldn’t understand a lot of the things he was saying, but he was passionate about talking about it. What I did pick up were a couple of terms. Something I knew I could google later. The terms being ‘soft box’ and ‘light kit.’ Then he showed me the photos on his computer and phone. I knew then that the profession of my protagonist had to be a photographer.

I will probably need some cheering on or some nagging to get this finished.

I’m missing Tokyo at the moment. I know that my next trip to Tokyo will be a lot different. The last time I was in Tokyo, I hung out with Canadians on New Year’s Eve. It was a wild experience that I can only remember fragments of.

I once walked from Shibuya to Asakusa, which took me four hours. It normally takes 30 minutes by subway.

More than likely, I won’t be by myself when I go there. So I probably won’t go exploring areas of the city like I used to. I have a lot more experience with subways and railways.

One place I definitely want to go back to is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. On the 44th and 45th floors was an observation deck and cafe. I’m also thinking there was an Italian restaurant there as well. Where I had spaghetti and red wine.

The other thing I wouldn’t mind seeing again is the Diabutsu, or giant Buddha statue in Kamakura.

Well, I’m getting into weekend mode. I will outline this story on index cards. I will do some writing. I will watch some mysteries. Anything additional that happens in the weekend will be a bonus.


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