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20 November 2021

 Song mood: Breathless by the Corrs.

It’s been an interesting weekend. The coldness has come back again. I’m not a huge fan of the cold. My temperature zone is usually moderate. Not too hot nor too cold.

I got to hang out with my bestie from college. It was a different meeting than what I was expecting. It was good to catch up with him. I think this was the first time in over a year that we hung out, just the two of us. We talked about life and writing. We drank tea at the Tea Smith. I had the Lavandar Earl Grey. I think I always order this tea because I think that I’m switching it up. My friend knows that I usually drink Earl Grey. My default will always be Stash Earl Grey. But I probably order the Lavandar every time I go there thinking I’m switching things up.

The one thing I forgot to ask him was: is there a way to stream Midnight Mass with the Pope on your phone? I usually watch Midnight Mass on NBC. This year, I will be at my mum’s. I’ll probably watch it on NBC. But if I could stream it on my phone at a different time than midnight, I would be happy. NBC where I live, plays it at midnight. The Vatican, on the other hand is seven hours ahead. I would love to be able to watch it on at 10:30pm and go to bed at midnight. Anyway.

Mum said that the consultation for her procedure to fix the stent will be on 10 January. If I remember right, the consultation is usually a week before the procedure. That was the way it was when I had my gallbladder removed.

So now, I can plan a bit better now that I have an idea of when my mum will have her procedure.

I started Christmas shopping. I should be finished by this time next week.

My life seems to be moving forward. Just hanging out with my friend is a sign that it’s changing. I can’t decide on what project that I will be working on next for my writing. Which, is why I’m not naming the project yet.

I think I may just write a collection of short stories to help build my confidence in the process. Let’s say I write ten strange tales, ghost stories and the sort in rapid succession, then my belief in myself should increase. Because I had done the thing. It’s a thought. I think I need to do what I can to get these projects done.

My writing needs to supplement my future travels.

The other day .at. helloemilie posted pictures of the North West Territory of Australia. A few years ago I stumbled on her profile. She’s this photographer from Australia whose pictures renewed my love for photography. Though, I couldn’t afford the types of lenses she has to take the kind of photos she does. I suspect that the lenses she uses would cost as much as a new car. But I still want to improve my photography.

Anyway, I checked on Amazon, her book Forever Wandering (Emilie Ristevski) was 60% off. I had to buy it. So I want to go to Australia for my next big adventure. 

I would hang out in Sydney. The landmark I would have to go to would be the Sydney Opera House. That would be a must. Then I would plan to go to one other location, but a place I could go to by train.

I would take my camera. Hopefully by then I would have a Macbook Pro with a two terabyte hardrive. I would take lots of photos and notes each day. Then I would write a travel book. It’s an idea. Or, it’s a dream.

I feel that the planning for this type of trip is still far off. Given that as far as I know, the country as the rest of the world is still under lockdown.

Currently, I’m watching Foundation on AppleTV. An adaptation of Issac Asimov’s book by the same name. Asimov was one of the most prolific sci-fi writer of his time. He wrote over 500 books.

So tomorrow. I will hang out with cousins and watch movies. Monday I will attempt to brainstorm and write a short story. It will be a short week at work because of Thanksgiving. It will be a good week to do Christmas shopping. And one of my favorite stouts (Bourbon County Barrel Aged Stout) is only released for sale on Friday. This year, I will only buy three bottles. All in all, it’s going to be a good week.


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