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29 December 2021

Song mood: I Melt with You by Modern English. I know I reference this song a lot. I just really like this song.

The storm I avoided by leaving early was bigger than forecast. I think they said it was going to be 4-6 inches. It turned out to be eight inches. I didn’t even follow on the storm that came after that because, well, I was already back in Omaha.

I’m tired. Maybe got three or fours of sleep. No sense complaining. I will just take more melatonin. Anyway.

I finished listening to Wuthering Heights by Emily Brönte. The whole thing is frustrating because the tragedy could have been avoided if the first Catherine had married for love instead of money. Which was a concept that was considered in the time of Jane Austin.

I also finished listening to The Man with the Golden Gun by Ian Flemming, narrated by Kenneth Branagh. It was actually pretty good considering all the non-plausible stuff. Like James Bond seems to survives stuff no ordinary man could. While I listened to this, it reminded me of Quantum of Solace. Unlike the movies, it only takes place in two locations. As pulp fiction goes, it was awesome.

Next up: Silverview by John le CarrĂ©. Which is, his last finished novel. After that, I will listen to Essays by George Orwell. It’s a collection of all of his essays. Which will be a good break from thrillers.

It’s cold outside, so I have given up on exercises for a little while. Well, until it gets a bit warmer.

I saw this one dance video, so I’m trying to learn the dance moves. It may take me a week or two. The dance moves are easy to learn, but aren’t really easy, well, not for me anyways. I just imitate what I see and let the video loop. I can only do it for five minutes before I get out of breath. A lot of quick movements in succession. I am determined to learn these to the point where when I play the song, I know what the moves are without the aid of the video.

I think I understand brainstorming a bit more. I looked on James Scott Bell’s website to get more pointers than from what he says to do in his books. It turns out that he journals for a few hours a day for three of four days. After that he writes down a sequence of the thirty to forty scenes. Which is a lot lot more than what I do. So I think I will try these longer brainstorming sessions. Maybe, what I needed to do all these years was spend a lot more time brainstorming.

One more day of work before the end of the year. Depending on how much sleep I get tonight, it may be a struggle. In the next few days I will do some brainstorming. I will read a mystery or two. I will watch a mystery or two. I will do some reflection over the past year and plan out what I will do in the next.


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Song mood: Mysterious Ways by U2. Currently I’m listening to The Ruin by Dervla McTiernan.  I’ve listened to a couple of novellas that she wrote where her detective Cormac Reilly briefly shows up in and liked them.  This is the first book with her star detective.  Between McTiernan and Trevor on who writes better suspense, I would say hands down McTiernan.   A person who writes mysteries as a genre follow a set of conventions so that the reader isn’t in a state of confusion.  One great example is putting dates before each section or series of sections.  Literary writers don’t follow conventions and the confusion at times come from the writing.  Where I say, let the characters mislead the reader not the writing itself. I am enjoying The Ruin .  It’s nice to get back to a solid mystery. I continue to walk at the lake.  Although, it’s a modified path where I get around 2.5 miles instead 4 miles.  I still need to figure out what to do for exercise in the winter.  I want to get a rowing m

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