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15 February 2022

Song mood: Don’t Tell Me by Madonna.

It’s been a while. 

Over the weekend I learned that one of my uncles died due to complications of covid. The memorial will be not this Saturday but next Saturday. I will make a trip to hometown (a six hour drive). My uncle was a good man, an interesting man. He once built a limo and then had a limo service for a few years. For Independence Day, he would get a couple of five gallon barrels and fill them up with bottle rockets. He would light one up and the sky would be showered with bottle rockets. It was his annual fireworks show. He will be missed.

I’m glad there will be a memorial. It was kind of a fifty fifty chance there would be one. My uncles don’t like funerals. The last uncle who died didn’t have one because it was his wish that there wasn’t one.

Currently I’m listening to Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin. Which should have been her first published book under the name of Susan. But there was an issue with the publisher who bought the rights but didn’t publish it. She had a difficult time getting the rights back. The book was published after she had died under a different name because she changed the name of the protagonist. So far, I am enjoying it. It’s definitely a spoof on Gothic Literature. Which kind of makes me suspect that if she were alive today, she would probably enjoy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith.

I’m currently reading on my kindle: The Photography Storyteller’s Workshop by Finn Beales. So I can work on my photography. I have downloaded most of the apps Beales suggested. I am getting a lot of pointers for my photography and I’m loving it.

I watched You Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Even thought it is very dated, it was well ahead of it’s time. It was made back when you accessed the internet through your cable phone lines. When going online sounded like you were making phone call through the fax machine. It was a movie about online relationships before anyone could have thought that was thing. 

The movie is about Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly who met up online but agree to not to meet or give specifics about each other. In real life however, Joe’s mega chain bookstore is running Kathleen’s little book store out of business. Little do they know. Anyway. My favorite part is when Kathleen realizes that she’s in love with Joe. It’s a specific point in the movie that is meant to be overlooked.

It’s the romance I always wished I could be in.

It’s been a while since I’ve been writing. So I figured I would write a blog to get things started. I’m still working on the romantic murder mystery. I will work on that until I finish the rough draft. Then I’ll read it over a few times to fix any plot holes an then do a proofread. 

Anyway. So yeah, I will get back to doing that project. I will do some brainstorming for fun videos that I would like to make and go from there. I know I want to do the hipster time traveler video. But I would need to buy a Montreal Maroons jersey.

Once I finish the romantic mystery, I will build a website that will be specific for showcasing my mysteries. I already have a name for that website. But that is something that will be further down the line. I will need to finish the first project.

I will keep this website. And if I am fortunate to get married, this website will turn into my travel writing website.

So that is me on a short note. Me, typing away, waiting for spring.


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