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2 March 2022

Song mood: I Drove All Night by Roy Orbison. Of course I thought that it was originally by Cyndi Lauper. Which sparked a conversation with my uncle. I told him about the movie Vibes where Cyndi Lauper plays a psychic name Sylvia Pickel. Who says through out the movie it’s Pic-kal.

The memorial for my uncle was good. I was the only person there who wore a tie. Being in my hometown was okay. It’s changed quite a bit. That is to say I don’t spend much time in the town when I do visit. I went to one bar and I didn’t even know there was a fourth bar in town. There had always been three. In the new hotel just north of town is a small bar. And so I only drank two drinks. The last one was a beer, which gave me a monster headache.

I finished The Lying Game by Ruth Ware on the way home. It was a good mystery and had an Agatha Christie type ending to it. Though, I would say that Ruth Ware is a better writer than Agatha Christie.

I started listening to The House that Death Built by Mel Stone. About halfway through, I had to stop listening to it. It’s awful. It’s well written, or grammatically correct with good pacing. And as a sweet romance, it’s probably good. Sweet romances are ones that rarely go past kissing.

What I have a problem is the whole story in whole in the period it’s supposed to take place. It takes place in the Regency era. So most of the things that happen in the book wouldn’t have really happened because they would be completely against the social norms. Then the language is a bit modern. So it was a romance that poorly researched. If the author would have read like, every Jane Austin novel and a few history books by Lucy Worsley, the story would have probably been different.

I started listening to House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas. And it made me blush. It’s not a sweet romance. It’s far better than The House that Death Built. Mainly because Earth and Blood is set in a fantasy world with elves and shapeshifters and angels. All of the rules of the world are consistant. It reminds me of the Altered Carbon books by Richard Morgan. Though those are a bit Noir. The Crescent City books have the same vibe. Just a lot more swearing in them. I’m enjoying the book so far.

Here are the titles I have in que to listen to:

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Ian Flemming read by David Tennant

Impact Winter by Travis Beacham

If Walls Could Talk by Lucy Worsley

How to Write Funny by Scott Dikkers

Currently I’m halfway through PD James’ Cover Her Face. Which is pretty good if you can get past the first fifty pages. It’s far more enjoyable after page fifty.

I’m making progress on the current mystery I’m writing, the one where the guy goes missing. I’m calling it the ‘mystery reader show’ project. I need to write down characters and scene ideas in a notebook, so that I can getting series with dictation. And then I can finish the draft quickly. I need to work on incorporating many different methods of writing. And that way I can speed up the process.

The weather has been awesome in the last few days. I have been walking around the lake. I thought I might trying but my knees hurt so I was content with walking.

So that is me in a brief moment. Listening to books and exercising.


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