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23 April 2022

Song mood: Spin by Lifehouse.

Haven’t done one of these in a hot minute. I’ve been busy. Writing the novel. I went to Fargo to hang out with my mum on Easter.

Currently listening to In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson. Down to the laste five hours. I’m learning more about Australia. It’s a fun book to listen to. I could learn a thing or two from Bill Bryson’s writing. I like his sense of humor.

Currently I’m reading An Exquisite Corpse by Helen A. Harrison. It’t wonderfully written. Not perfect. It’s a good book to study for mysteries, that is.

I’m at around 32,000 words for my project Eileen Dover’s Seattle Adventure. A few weeks ago, I changed things up for the story. Well, I was going to have most of the characters go to London. But then I made the mystery a two body mystery. Which meant I had to keep the rest of the story in Seattle so I don’t make the story any more confusing. And so that I don’t have to introduce new characters like new detectives and whatnot.

Then on Thursday I had a flash inspiration of who the killer is. Usually when I write mysteries, I have a character in mind. I do some brainstorming as to why and all the details. But then I get these moments of inspiration and I change who the killer of the story is. The interesting thing about this is that I don’t have to change what I wrote before to support the new idea. 

The big reveal should happen at around 45,000 words leaving the rest of the novel as the big climatic scenes, ie. the chase scenes and the final showdown between the killer and the protagonists. Now I have to figure out how the detective helps Eileen figure out who done it. I think Eileen should be the one who solves the mystery.

So what’s next after finishing? I put the rough draft through an editing program and then I write little transition scenes. The little scenes that connect all the scenes together. They may be 100 to 300 words to show why the next scene starts the way it does. So it’s like a movie. After the editing and adding transitions, I’ll read through it. If I’m comfortable with the way it reads, I’ll hire an profreader. Which will cost around $600. Then I will go through the steps of publishing it. In the future and yet needs to be at the back of my mind.

So that is me for the moment. Writing a mystery.


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