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12 May 2022

Song mood: Joy by Bastille. It’s been a while since I’ve done these little updates. I’ve been busy writing the novel. I’m currently at 44,000 words. I’m stoked about it, of course. I’ve been writing a thousand words a night on weeknights. Tonight, I wrote the big reveal of the mystery. The who done it. When I go back and tweak things, I will go back to this scene. So yeah, the novel is really happening. And the person I had in mind of who done it when I started the novel changed to someone else. Got to love creativity. So, because I’m writing more, I haven’t done as many blog posts. I bought a new computer. A new Macbook Air. Mainly because of the M1 chip that came out last year will make my old computer obsolete in a matter of months. Where I wouldn’t be able to upgrade the operating system or get support for the computer. And because I have a feeling that the prices of computers will go up sometime in the near distant future, now was the time to buy. I bought a microphone. A Blue Ye