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The Future of this Website

The future of this website. I guess that you can say that this is the future of me. I had planned on making this website a place for my travel writing. However, due to some cyber criminals, my path towards writing has changed.

So over the past year, a group of people all over the world had access to my computer and access to my mobile phone. They were able to see everything that I did on both my phone and computer. And the worst part of this whole thing was that I let them. I let them because I was hoping to be one of the cool kids. Of course, I, the victim, would never be one of the cool kids.

I wrote the rough draft of a mystery novel. I was rather happy about the way it was structured and whatnot. So all I had to do was rewrite a few scenes and then do the proof reading and copy editing.

And then I discovered that over forty pages had been removed from my computer. Something I am still really upset about. It was a huge betrayal of trust. I don't know who did it. But there were a group of people who had access to my computer.

And, it really doesn't matter who did it. It was done. I believe that I will be a target of further hijinks. So in the future I will work on publishing works under a pseudonym. I will be taking other precautions to reduce the chance of further sabotage. I may publish a poetry book under my own name, but only poetry because poetry books don't actually make money.

But the main thing is, I will continue to write. I will continue to strive as an artist. I will not let the damage of cyber theft hold me down. I will fight to be a successful author.

As I will be focusing on writing books, I may or may not post anything on this website.